Corcom provides the full range of development services for all assets. Our role is all-encompassing ensuring we are completely aligned with our Partners in delivering quality buildings and the optimal value. All of our projects have been completed on time and within budget delivering enhanced value to the stakeholders. Every one of our planning applications have been granted planning permission.


Corcom seek out and identify opportunities that align with our asset criteria model. We follow our process and analyse each investment opportunity in a methodical, focused approach, before producing a complete appraised assessment of the key indicators, to inform the final asset strategy.


In collaboration with our partners, Corcom develop strategies specific to each individual asset that is designed to enhance value, minimise risk and produce the maximum return from the asset. The strategy then provides the blueprint for the realisation of the asset, ensuring the optimum outcome for our partners in each case.


Fundamental to the success of each of our projects has been innovative, ambitious design tailored to the assets environment and market. Corcom have established specific design teams suitable for each project’s varying needs. All are proven in delivery and achieving the core objectives for each asset.


The planning process for every asset is governed using a collaborative approach to ensure all planning risk is mitigated throughout. Corcom boasts a flawless record of successful planning approvals which proves this managed approach is successful, meaning all of the key stakeholders feel invested in and aligned to the common objective for the asset.


Corcom are proud of all our completed developments which is testament to the vision for the Corcom brand and our partners’ objectives. We will continue to align ourselves with partners’ that share our vision of developing assets of distinct quality while delivering environments that residents want to live in and businesses can be proud of.


Corcom’s primary objective is to deliver the optimum outcome for our stakeholders. We believe our expertise, governance, management processes and experience are fundamental factors that allow consistent and successful outcomes, for each asset.


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